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  • Roy Zhao writes:
  • Nov 20, 2016
  • Oh wow please I love me some beautiful Russian and Ukranian woman wow! Please send me some love oh yeah baby
  • Antonino writes:
  • Oct 26, 2016
  • I love young russian girls. I will invite to Germany.
  • Kyle Oleynik writes:
  • Oct 24, 2016
  • Hi. These guestbooks are so amazing. The more I look to sign guestbooks, the more techno great they are.
  • Matthew Driver writes:
  • Oct 7, 2016
  • it cold in denmark and I need the company of a women to keep warm
  • nono writes:
  • Oct 2, 2016
  • i am men i looking for girls
  • rick goldberg writes:
  • Sep 30, 2016
  • I am an extremely wealth 82 year old man looking for a relationship
  • irene warren writes:
  • Aug 30, 2016
  • please any ladies interested in coming to America to have a relationship with a woman.
  • Kyle writes:
  • Aug 26, 2016
  • I have been communicating with 1 of the lady here via multiple sites lately. Over the last few months, we haven't been able to communicate due to my unemployment status & I can't afford to purchase any credits. I just hope our relationship hasn't died or if she has forgotten about me. I would appreciate it VERY much if someone from the Amazing-Women could somehow help me out. I love her with all of my heart & I DO want to meet her, but money is a big factor unfortunately. Here is the link to her profile: y/85417.html Hope to hear back from someone who can help! :)

    Amazing Women Team Answers:
    Dear Kyle,
    We hope that everything will be OK with your work. You can send us a short message for the lady in the Support Center and we will give it to the lady.
    Best wishes,
    Best wishes,

  • alex writes:
  • Aug 25, 2016
  • Please I am lonely and need a companion
  • Kasha writes:
  • Aug 10, 2016
  • Where can I meet young girls from ukrain and russia in Germany?

    Amazing Women Team Answers:
    You can start a correspondence on our website and come yourself to meet a girl in Ukraine then you can invite the lady to visit you.
    We have Ukrainian girls on our site who live in Ukraine. Ukrainian girls living in other countries rarely join our service.
    Best wishes,

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