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  • Jc writes:
  • Apr 15, 2014
  • Lovely
  • Mo Tava writes:
  • Apr 13, 2014
  • thanks for your efforts . if it is possible let us see other men profiles . best regards M.Tava
  • floire writes:
  • Mar 16, 2014
  • i m a man then i want a seriuese girl
  • Mark West writes:
  • Mar 4, 2014
  • I would like to meet a nice woman that will treat me right. Email me if interested:
  • Manu writes:
  • Feb 10, 2014
  • I have shortlisted 500 girls after visiting 8000 profiles. Now I will choose 1 (out of 500) as my beloved wife. All These 500 girls are extremely beautiful. It is very tough to choose only one out of 500. I wish I could have all these 500 girls.
  • Facundo alfer writes:
  • Jan 5, 2014
  • Soy Argentino, estudiante de los ultimos aƱos en una carrera de grado en Antropologia social...solo para decirle que tengo ; y en facebook facundo alfer ramos; estamos de vacaciones de verano en la facultad hasta mediados de Marzo, por lo que, el poco dinero lo utilizo para la comida y otras cosas para subsistir y, una vez que cobre mi beca podre pagar la subscripcion, por favor, si pueden publicarlo y muchas gracias!!!???...
  • boukhalfa ahmed writes:
  • Dec 4, 2013
  • hi lovely charming lady girl from ukrania,if you can add me in your fb as like xaxhxmxexdx xbxoxuxfxaxrxixkx,i like you and want you as my friends,i can't add friend here i'm not suscribed this is my xsxkxyxpxex xaxhxmxexdx-xbxoxuxkxhxaxlxfxax. and my xex-xmxaxixlx is xaxhxmxexdx6x6x9x6x@xhxoxtxmxaxi xlx.xfxrx.
  • Max writes:
  • Nov 22, 2013
  • I'm a lonely European gentleman in the Middle East, and am looking for a new woman in my life as my wife recently left me forever. Serious offers with photos only please to I will answer all emails with photos.

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